I would recommend Builder King [former company name] as a contracting service. They stuck by the job and did the work to my specifications. Prices were reasonable and the work was top quality.

Chris was always available when I called him and always made sure that the work was done to my satisfaction.

- Bob Sanchez

I wanted to take this opportunity to put in writing my deep appreciation regarding the construction of our home. I confidently believe that the work reflected quality and attention to detail, under the leadership of Chris Leniek as the superintendent.

I had the good fortune of working with Chris over the past three months. Throughout the course of this project, he was a consummate professional. He was always accurate with information and absolutely clear in answering any questions or issues. Chris was always readily available to take a phone call to address our concerns, even on a Sunday afternoon. Chris always kept us informed of any changes or possible delays, which was very important since this was our first time embarking on a new home construction.

Our job was done with care and precision.

- Shalita Morgan

Chris and his company renovated a house I bought using a renovation loan. The house was a dream come true in my target street in my target area but it needed work. Chris and his team renovated the kitchen, the bathroom, painted the outside and put in some new electrical and a new sewer line. The
place looks fantastic and has exceeded my expectations. The timeline only took a few months and we are currently happily in the property. Chris has
come by to check on us and to see if we need anything. We couldn’t be happier. 

- Robert Van Meter

Chris gutted and remediated my house due to it having Chinese drywall. The project took about 90 days and was done to my utmost satisfaction. Chris and his men were extremely professional and completed the project on time. The thing I appreciated most about Chris was his thoroughness when we first walked the job. He was direct and explained the construction process and where delays could occur. We were able to work together and the whole process ran smoothly without delay. I would recommend Chris and his team to anyone who is doing a renovation or remodel project without hesitation. Thank you Chris!

- Keith St. Germain


Viridis Construction LLC  -  Telephone: (985) 234-9936  -  Email: office@viridisgc.com

Chris has done a wonderful job with making sure everything is going according to the ​plan of getting our home back to being a safe place to live. Unfortunately, we had Chinese drywall. The last 2 months have been extremely hard on my family with my husband becoming very ill and being hospitalized for most of December. During this time my home was in the process of being gutted and rebuilt. The work on my house needed me to be available to go to certain places to pick out items for my home. This was very hard for me to be able to do all the things that needed to be done for the house and to be able to stay at the hospital with my husband.

Chris went above and beyond to help me understand what was needed for my house. He even came to the hospital to pick up paperwork from me. He knew I was unable to leave the hospital to meet him. Chris has been readily available to accept my phone calls and to help guide me with what I need to do in order for my home to be finished.

I have never worked with a contractor like Chris. He has made what could have been a complete nightmare into a pleasant arrangement.

- Patricia Piergalski

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